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Hanoi – Halong bay full day

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Hanoi - Halong Bay full day
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Ha Long Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, covers an area of 1500 square km. With more than a thousand limestone peaks soaring from its crystalline emerald water this area is one of the natural wonders of Vietnam and now one of four World Heritage listed sites in Vietnam. Visitors have constantly marveled at Halong Bays natural beauty. The tiny islands are dotted with innumerable beaches and grottoes created by the wind and the waves that make a excellent backdrop for swimming or just lazing about on the boat deck.




In the morning, cars and our guides meet you at the hotel depart for Ha Long bay - World natural heritage. Your boat up, you start discovering Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay means that “Dragon descending to the sea”. This is a World natural Heritage include 1,900 islands with many difference statures and many of them have beautiful caves and grottos. A boating trip will take You go round Ha Long Bay and visit some grottos and caves such as Thien Cung grotto, Dau Go cave, ect. And then, have lunch on boat.


In the afternoon, on the way come back to Hanoi, we will visit pottery handicralf village in Dong Trieu (with the significant feature of Vietnamese traditional pottery village, pottery products in Dong Trieu are not only famous for local customers but also for foreign people. Arrive Hanoi, the end tour.


Package price: VND/one pax: (16 free 1 FOC)

Reference Rate


2 paxs

3-5 paxs

6-10 paxs

11-14 paxs

15 &up














Superior: Nomal (Vietnamese lunch)

Deluxe: Seafood lunch


Inclusive services: Transport; Eentrance fee; Boat trip; Lunch (excluding drinks) and Tour guide (speaking English; French or Chinese).



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